As part of our environmental stewardship, we have implemented an
extensive tree plantation program within our manufacturing facility. The
objective of this initiative is to enhance biodiversity, improve air quality,
and promote ecological balance.

  • Our carefully selected native tree species are well-suited to our
    region’s climate and ecosystem. They not only provide shade and
    aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the overall environmental
    health of the area.
  • Trees are planted strategically throughout our facility to maximize
    their environmental benefits. In addition to enhancing the overall
    green cover, they help reduce the impact of dust and noise pollution,
    create a pleasant working environment, and provide a habitat for
    local fauna.
  • We have a dedicated team for the ongoing maintenance and care of
    the trees. Regular pruning, watering, and pest control measures are
    undertaken to ensure their healthy growth and longevity.


Recognizing the importance of renewable energy, we have installed
solar power plant at our facility to generate clean & sustainable
electricity. Key highlights of our solar initiative include:

  • The installed solar power plant has a capacity of 2.5 MW,
    generating clean energy. This reduces our reliance on conventional
    energy sources & reduces our carbon footprint.
  • By generating electricity from solar energy, we contribute to nature
    by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and
    dependence on conventional energy sources. Our solar power plant
    aligns with our commitment to combating climate change and
    fostering a greener future.
  • The solar power plant is equipped with advanced solar panels,
    inverters, and monitoring systems to optimize energy production
    and ensure operational efficiency. Regular maintenance and
    cleaning routines are conducted to maximize energy output.


Our factory is harvesting over 20 million liter of rain water per year. This supply is used for industrial purposes, such as the production, but also for the needs of daily life in our company and the labor staying there for their day to day needs.


Our Sewage treatment plant operates with the help of solar energy. Our system is capable of harvesting over 1.8 million liters of water and making it useful to us by providing drinking water, irrigation, washing and cleaning purposes as well.

Our team’s commitment and expertise ensures that our sewage treatment plant works in a systematic and efficient manner to provide our residential colony with water that is all-inclusive, healthy and free from contaminants.


We are committed to help reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. We pledge to plant 1 tree per day, and so far, we have planted over 5000 trees. As a result of this, our efforts has helped in producing 500MT of oxygen per year. This has been a gift to mother nature from our side. We strive to take this to the next level in coming years.


Our Expertise goes Beyond Flooring & Tiles!

2.5 Mega Watt Solar
Plantation inside our premises
Rain water harvesting
Work friendly environment