“At CERAMAX, we believe that quality and ethics are the cornerstones of our success. We’re dedicated to producing tiles that exemplify the highest standards, ensuring they not only enhance your spaces but also meet our commitment to ethical manufacturing. Our journey is one of integrity, and we’re excited to share it with you. Explore our range and experience the difference of quality in every tile we create.”

Sidharth Gupta


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From Sketch to Life

CERAMAX was conceptualized as a joint venture between the pioneers of ceramic industry from Gujarat and Rajasthan with a collective experience of over 49 years ranging from raw material extraction to manufacturing of wide range of ceramic products. We proudly boast a lavish manufacturing facility spread across 3,40,000 sq.mt of land with a capability of producing over 9 million sq.mt. tiles per annum. We have collaborated with one of the most reputed technology house for providing us the latest manufacturing technology and expertise, moreover at CERAMAX we constantly thrive to develop and deliver latest and most affordable flooring solutions to our customers. In an industry where a few strive to offer innovation, while others focus on the variety, CERAMAX has adopted a holistic strategy of encompassing all the attributes of the product. CERAMAX epitomizes consumer-first approach with an enduring combination of innovation, unique variety and quality.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Glazed Vitrified Tiles are manufactured using the latest digital technology and have unlimited design choices to suit everyone’s imagination. Being available in vivid colours, a wide choice of surface finishes, and a variety of sizes, these are fast becoming the preferred choice for architects and interior designers. Apart from being used on flooring, some of the fastest-growing application areas for these tiles are building elevations and Interior walls. Being vitrified they offer very high strength, greater scratch and stain resistance, and extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

Soluble Salt Tiles

Soluble Salt tiles are the simplest and most economical form of vitrified tiles. They are manufactured by impregnating natural salts deep into their surface hence the name “Soluble Salt”. There is no glaze coating on the surface, the body of the tile itself forms the face after being polished to mirror finish. This makes them one of the most durable tiles having very high Strength and greater scratch resistance. Being vitrified, these tiles also have near-zero water absorptivity making them stain resistant, weatherproof, and possessing antibacterial properties.

Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles offer a versatile and stylish solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of interior spaces. Whether used as an accent feature or covering entire walls, They contribute to the overall ambiance and can transform the look of a room. Beyond their decorative role, wall tiles serve a practical purpose. They protect the underlying wall surface from moisture, stains, and damage, making them ideal for areas prone to splashes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, Wall Tiles are relatively easy to clean and maintain, enhancing their longevity.


Without saying much about what we do and how we are doing it, here are some facts and figures to illustrate about our company.

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We found every aspect of our dealings with Ceramax Tiles to be of the highest quality. They provided us with a wide range of tiles for our new build recently. Also provided excellent customer care and ensured prompt delivery to our home. Highly recommend them to friends and family.
I am an authorized dealer of Ceramax tiles and kind of am very happy with their product quality and services, contrary to popular belief. I regularly specifically receive repeat orders from architects and builders for Ceramax tiles, which really is quite significant.
Tile Distributor
As an Interior Designer I have worked with many brands that are always interested in selling me the goods for my clients but few like Ceramax that will take the time to follow my design process and collaborate with me to suggest a unique design for my clients.
Varun Chandak
IT Professional
Ceramax is ultra reliable, its staff are incredibly helpful and easy to deal with. I was able to purchase top quality tiles at prices that were unmatched elsewhere, indeed, the cost saving was significant . Deliveries occurred on the selected day and I received a phone call to advise of the delivery time. This company deserves the highest praise.
Client of Company
We got an excellent experience at Ceramax. Staff are very helpful went beyond our expectation helping us to buy tiles and later on with an additional order. If all companies would work like them, life would be much nicer. I will definitely recommend this company for exceptional customer service, good range of tiles and competitive prices.
Lokesh Soni
Client of Company
Ceramax is a great place to send our clients. The showroom is large, organized, and up to date with the latest trends and products. The in-house design team streamlines the selection process for us and always makes our clients feel welcome. I have no doubt that they are in good hands. Ceramax is a sure thing.
Client of Company
Ceramax is my number one source in tiles. The products are fairly progressive and of high quality; but more importantly, the customer service is what keeps me loyal to the company in a big way. Ceramax actually has made my projects really look truly amazing.
Kuldeep Singh
Client of Company
I regularly pass by Ceramax manufacturing unit and really was deeply impressed by their infrastructure, I mostly bought their Nano polished tiles for my Office and its appearance is very actually satisfying with glossy basically look and its durability.
Saurabh Bansal
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