Ceramic Vs Vitrified tiles: Which one to choose and why?

Tiles are one of the most important elements of your interior and outdoor decor. Tiles add to the personality of any given space which is exactly why you must be extremely careful in selecting tiles for your home!

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing tiles is: Which one to choose, ceramic or vitrified tiles?

What are Ceramic tiles and how are they made?   

These tiles are made by shaping clay, minerals, and solvents and heating to extremely high temperatures.

Available in both glazed and non-glazed versions, these tiles come in both standard and customized shapes and sizes.

Ceramic tiles are resistant to force, stain, water absorption, a force which usually makes it recommended for bathrooms.


What are Vitrified tiles and how are they made?

A ceramic tile with extremely low porosity is called a Vitrified tile. These tiles are created by a process called “vitrification,” which is a combination of 40% clay and 60% silica.  These are long-lasting, low maintenance scratch and abrasion-resistant tiles which make them the best option for corporate buildings and homes.


What is the difference between vitrified and ceramic tiles?

The Composition:


  • Vitrified Tiles consist of 40 % clay and 60% silica
  • Ceramic Tiles consist of earthen clay

The Texture:


  • Vitrified Tiles are smooth and glossy texture
  • Ceramic Tiles lack the glossy look. They have a comparatively rough texture

The Strength:


  • Due to the process of vitrification, Vitrified Tiles are stronger as compared to ceramic ones
  • Ceramic Tiles are weaker

The Water Absorption:


  • Vitrified Tiles absorb very less water which makes them a preferred flooring choice
  • Ceramic Tiles absorb more water when compared to Vitrified

The Characteristics:


  • Vitrified tiles are  long-lasting and more scratch, abrasion and stain resistant
  • Ceramic Tiles have lower scratch, stain and abrasion resistance

The Installation:


  • Vitrified Tiles are comparatively difficult to install
  • Ceramic Tiles are easier to install

The Costs:


  • Vitrified tiles because of their stronger characteristics are expensive
  • Ceramic Tiles are cheaper as compared to vitrified tiles
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