How To Pick The Best Tiles

How To Pick The Best Tiles?

One of the most common questions while choosing the interiors is How to pick the best tiles? They provide a range of alternatives, including polished vitrified tiles for added glitz and elegance as well as double-charged vitrified tiles for high-traffic areas. In addition, they are a fantastic substitute for marble and granite because they are inexpensive, maintenance-free, and resistant to scratches and stains.

Vitrified tiles are among the most popular types of tiles on the market, and why not? They provide a variety of options, such as double-charged vitrified tiles for high-traffic areas and polished vitrified tiles for added glitter and elegance. They are also a great alternative to marble and granite because they are less expensive, require little upkeep, and are scratch- and stain-resistant.

Everything You Need to Know about Vitrified Tiles

1. Tile quality

Before purchasing the tiles, a careful quality inspection should be conducted. The vitrified floor tiles must be sturdy and should not have any chips or cracks. It is important to visit the store and have a close look at your batch before making a final selection of your flooring or wall tiles.

2. Check technical specifications

Because vitrified tiles are dense, they are not permeable. It is crucial to ensure that the tiles only absorb 0.1% or less of the water that makes up their weight. Less water absorption results in stronger, longer-lasting tiles. Therefore, before making a purchase, the technical details of the tile should be carefully examined.


3. Decide on the tile size you desire.

Due to their aesthetic appeal and capacity to make your area appear larger, oversized tiles are generating a lot of commotion. Larger tiles can be cleaned more quickly because there are fewer obvious joints. Definitely a double-whammy! This explains why tiles measuring 600x1200mm are currently in high demand.

4. Determine the quantity of tiles.

Before you go tile buying, make sure to figure out how many tiles you’ll need. Purchase at least 5–10% more tiles than you would need to cover any waste that occurs during cutting and installation.

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