Why in Vastu, Tiles Are The Best Flooring Option?

Why in Vastu, Tiles Are The Best Flooring Option?

This is how tiles are the best option according to Vastu Shastra. Feng shui is said to be based on the ancient Indian design practice known as Vastu Shastra. Which has gained popularity in the West due to its emphasis on sustainability. Vastu means “environment” in translation, and it refers to the construction of homes that are in tune with the environment. Going green is becoming more and more popular, and Vastu Shastra embraces everything environmentally friendly.

Although this centuries-old practice may seem conventional and conservative, it is actually quite the opposite. Modern home designs can incorporate Vastu Shastra to produce a more uplifting and streamlined space that is more hospitable.

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How vastu effects?

By following the right Vastu tips for home we further enhance the conviviality of our spaces. House emitting the right energy is called home. Many traditional beliefs hold that every home has a unique type of energy. This energy field has an impact on resident of that house, which in turn has an impact on people’s life. This is why many people think that using the appropriate materials, colours, and designs can help increase positive energy in a home.

We frequently consider flooring to be a very minor aspect of the entire process when renovating our home or moving into a new place. However, the appropriate type of home floor tiles design can make a huge difference to the overall Vastu of the house.

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While the below design approaches may sound familiar, it is better when we have an enlightened perspective, so here’s what you must know about the best floor tiles for your home.

What Vastu suggests?

  • Vastu Shastra for flooring suggests that the right colour, pattern, material and design of the flooring can help bring stability and harmony to the residents’ life.
  • No matter what types of floor tiles you choose, the key element to remember is cleanliness. Decluttering and cleaning the floor keeps the mind free from toxic thoughts which makes us more receptive to positive energy.
  • Marble flooring is considered to be the best for flooring, especially in hues of white, as it brightens the space. Understanding the affordability and maintenance factor of real marble, it is best to use a tile that looks and feels like real marble but is easy to clean.

The GVT tile is a great way to replace real marble flooring without replacing the aesthetics of real marble. These tiles are much easier to clean and maintain than authentic marble.

  • To lend a softer feel to a room, opt for wooden flooring. It doesn’t dominate the space and at the same time brings in a lot of warmth. However, wooden flooring can be difficult to maintain. So opt for wooden-lookalike tiles that are made of clay. Enhance the positivity of your interiors.
  • Cracked floors near the entrance of the house or chipped flooring take away prosperity. Using tiles reduces the chances of this happening owing to their great resistance to load and abrasion. Even if damaged, tiles are more economical and easy to be replaced.

Keeping in mind the various aspects of Vastu, tiles are one of the best options for home flooring. Floor tiles are strong, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. They are easy to clean and maintain making it possible for you to maintain cleanliness. Moreover, tiles offer you a range of choices in materials, colours, shapes and sizes. This makes it easier for you to incorporate Vastu into your home flooring. Health, happiness and prosperity are bound to follow when the right tiles are used as per Vastu principles.