A Comprehensive Guide To GVT/PGVT Tiles

GVT-PGVT Tiles are a great option because they offer the ideal balance of style and toughness. Because tiles come in so many different designs, styles, colours, and materials, picking the best tiles for a particular room can occasionally seem like a difficult task. Although many people mistakenly believe that all tiles are identical, this is untrue because each type of tile has a specific function. Many contend that selecting the proper tile is one of the hardest tasks, and this is so because no tile has a 15-year lifespan. This is why it is never a good idea to remove the flooring from the job lightly. Check the top tiles producing countries’ statistics.

Inevitably many tiles are circulating the globe but one of the best tiles that have been well-named is the GVT-PGVT Tiles. Both tiles are unique and serve a purpose in their way.



GVT Tiles

GVT Tiles, also known as Glazed Vitrified Tiles is an infamous tiling material. If you are searching for tiles online then the name of this tile might pop up on your screen. The glazed vitrified tiles are named so because they have a very unique gaze layer on the superficial region. On this very layer, an individual can imprint any kind of design that he or she wishes for. Thus choosing these tiles, give the liberty to the individuals to modify them in their way. The customization of the tile can be done to the top of the 2-4 mm layer of the tile.

Since these tiles are the product of the vitrification process, they have the power of durability thus lasting for a longer period along with that bonus glaze layer thus adding a rigid strength to the tile. These tiles are available in various colours, designs as well as finishes for the customers to choose from.


Some of the advantages of using the GVT Tiles are listed below:-

  • They can withstand any kind of foot traffic.
  • They come in a wide variety for example satin matte, matte, and more.
  • GVT tiles can be used on walls as well.
  • Cleaning these tiles is a piece of cake as all you need is a wet mop with some soapy water to clean the spots as well as satins.

Some of the spaces where the tiles can be of great use are listed below:-

  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Corridors
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Malls
  • Conference rooms
  • Airports
  • Metro stations



Types of Porcelain types

Porcelain tiles are produced by gathering pure raw materials such as clay mixture and several colours of paints for example grey, black and white. Here the clay is first mixed with water and then the following step involved drying them up. Drying them is labelled as a very important step since doing this help in getting rid of all the moisture. Under the types of porcelain types, two types are mentioned below:-

Glazed porcelain tiles

Glazed porcelain tiles are one of the most commonly used porcelain tiles. Glazing is done when a firm coating is applied on ceramic ware. They are usually composed of vitrified lead glass and selective coloured oxides that give out an opaque surface.

Unglazed porcelain tiles

Such tiles are not glazed and are mostly served the purpose of exterior application. This is because they are resistant to weather and thus bear the capability to withstand extreme changes in both heat as well as cold beside the intense UV Rays without getting damaged.


CERAMAX Ceramic tiles

When it comes to Ceramic tiles, choosing some Ceramax ceramic tiles can be a wise choice and they are versatile. Furthermore, Ceramax ceramic tiles are known to be hygienic enough so that means cleaning them won’t be taxing. Adding to that, maintaining them is easy as well. They also bear the capability to withstand any kind of weathering conditions and will remain almost unaffected by the inflicted damage. Lastly, considering that ceramic is an inert material, it will not absorb any kind of unnecessary stains as well as dirt and will not be easily scratched.

PGVT Tiles

PGVT Tiles are also known as Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles because they have a polished surface of their own and come with a high range of reflective indices. When it comes to variety, these tiles are wide in variety as they come with numerous colours as well as designs. In terms of features, the tiles have a super glossy look that gives out a shiny and shimmery look to any kind of space that they are used in.

Undoubtedly, the tiles are exemplary and beautiful to look at but the con is that it may be quite struggling to walk on them which is why they are not the very best choice when it comes to using them on flooring spaces where there is high foot traffic. But when it comes to walls, these tiles are a great choice for it as they can be used in comparatively every residential and commercial space for example the following:-

  • Boutiques
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Showrooms
  • Offices

Differentiating between GVT and PVT Tiles

GVT Tiles are a great choice for floors as well as walls of both residential and commercial spaces. This is because the tiles come with comparatively less slippery surfaces to walk on.

On the other hand, PGVT is quite more slippery than the GVT Tiles. Such tiles can be put to use in residential spaces as well as their walls and commercial spaces.

When it comes to glossy finish surface, PGVT tiles come with a less glossy finish than that of the GVT Tiles.


Thus, it can be said that both the GVT and the PGVT Tiles are not too different from each other. Well, they come with the same kind of base but with a modified top layer. As an individual, you can choose the type of tile that suits your requirement the best.