Difference Between Local Tiles and Branded Tiles

Building your dream house requires lots of labor and lots of love. It needs every single element that builds a residence that deserves durability, beauty, and comfort for hassle-free life. Anyone building a new home or even renovating an existing one would look for the best interiors and exteriors to give the house a personalized touch. And when it comes to choosing wall tiles and floor tiles, it can surely be a little awe-inspiring, as there are thousands of designs, patterns, and colors available in the market. However, the first thing you need to decide is whether to select branded tiles or local tiles.

Are you also looking for some advice on what tiles you need to invest in for your house? Through this blog, let’s discuss the difference between branded tiles and local tiles from the experts of CERAMAX and learn which would be the best for your house.



Here are some points that would help in learning the difference between local tiles and branded tiles.


Thanks to the wide network of showrooms and dealers of tiles, branded tiles are now available in nearly every city in India. However, coming to the local tiles, are available in a limited area or city. Again, as the manufacturers of the branded tiles are capable of manufacturing and dealing in huge stocks of tiles, they are also available around the year and never run out of stock. On the other hand, the local tiles manufacturers produce a limited number of tiles and hence, might run out of stock when needed.


The consistency of the tiles produced by local manufacturers and branded manufacturers also varies. The best tile brand would always manufacture quality tiles in terms of performance and looks. This is because the quality control measures and manufacturing capabilities are quite stringent. And the local manufacturers might manufacture defective tiles that lack consistency in the absence of the latest manufacturing techniques.


The branded manufacturers use high-quality manufacturing technologies, raw materials, etc. Hence, the tiles manufactured would be durable and robust. And hence, apart from giving a wonderful finish, they would last longer. The local tiles might be cheaper compared to the branded tiles, but they are sure to damage quickly. As they lack consistency during manufacturing as well as the latest technology, one might need to replace the local tiles at regular intervals. Again, the branded tiles also come with a certain guarantee period from the company as they are durable.

Even pricing

The prices of the local tiles are sure to vary depending on the situation and location of purchase. But this is not possible with the prices of the branded tiles. The best floor tiles from branded companies are uniformly priced. No matter what the situation or location of the dealer is, the tiles come with a uniform price all over the country. Again, the logo used by the branded tile companies gives the assurance of quality and price uniformity, which is not possible with the local tiles companies.


When it comes to the variety in designs, prints, and colours, the branded companies win the race. The best wall tiles manufacturing branded companies use the latest technologies like laser printing, nano-polishing, etc. that give amazing patterns and designs on the tiles. Again, they use a variety of materials that add strength to the beautiful tiles. All this is not possible with the local tiles manufacturing companies. They lack the latest machinery and technologies, due to which they manufacture limited designs, patterns, and colours.



Reasons why the branded tiles are beneficial?

In an overall decision as to which tile is the best, one can surely go with the branded tiles. Some of the quick benefits of selecting branded tiles include:

  • Customers can avail of a wide range of patterns, designs, and hues.
  • The tiles available are best in terms of quality with uniform consistency and appearance.
  • Branded tiles manufacturing companies are registered with the PAN-India network that sells top-quality tiles in the country.
  • The tiles manufactured are durable which increases the life of the tiles.
  • The prices are uniform throughout the country which makes it budget-friendly.

Who wins the battle?

Both local and branded tiles have their own pros and cons. While on one hand, the branded tiles promise you strength and variety, the local tiles might appear cheaper and ideal for people looking for a budgeted renovation of the house but they might have to compromise with the quality of the tiles. However, if you are looking for floor tiles, branded tiles are highly recommended as the floor of the house or office, needs to be strong enough to deal with the daily hassles. Talking about the wall tiles, one can go with the local tiles which are easy to maintain and low-cost.