How a Room’s Appearance Can Be Affected by Tile Shapes?

When buying tiles, it’s crucial to take into account their size because they come in so many different shapes. People frequently choose their tiles based on the area in which they will be installed; for example, enormous rooms often call for big tiles. While this isn’t incorrect, differing tile sizes can affect how a room seems overall and can make a tiny space feel larger. In this article, we’ll outline the specific ways in which your room will affect by tiles.


Large tiles make rooms appear larger

Naturally, larger tiles, like those measuring 60x60cm, occupy more space. Additionally, because of their size in relation to the huge tiles, furniture and fixtures will appear smaller and more dispersed, opening up the area considerably. The enormous tiles and the expansive area they cover are highlighted by the grout lines, which further enhances this impact. It’s crucial to note that this won’t work in small, confined areas like a small bathroom or cloakroom/porch since there won’t be enough space to instal the number of tiles required to create the effect for people to notice it. As many tiles will likely need to be cut in order to achieve the complete amount, it could also become extremely expensive.


To make an area appear smaller, use small tiles

Smaller tiles, like the previous strategy, take up less room, making your furniture and fixtures appear larger in comparison to them. However, try to stay away from tiles smaller than 30x60cm because the sheer number of grout lines they require can make a room appear crowded and overcrowded. You may, for example, combine 30x60cm tiles on the floor with smaller tiles in certain areas, such as a splashback or a back wall, as seen below.

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Tile placement

Use wooden effect tiles horizontally from your entrance if you have a gallery kitchen or if it is a little on the small side to make it appear larger. The way they move will appear to expand the distance between work surfaces, giving the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. Additionally, the room will appear smaller if you arrange them vertically because it creates the illusion of a confined space. The same effect may be achieved by arranging your tiles in a herringbone pattern. The large space between the sides gives the impression that the tiles are very long, which makes the room appear larger and so affect by tiles.

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Bring on the light

Using light-coloured tiles is a terrific and fashionable method to open up your area and give the impression that it is larger. The additional light from these lighter colours will draw attention to the spaces between your fixtures and furnishings, giving the impression that the room is more open and less crowded.
Natural light can be added to help reinforce this illusion because it will help to provide the impression that objects are spread out. Natural light complements light-coloured tiles beautifully since it brings out any patterns in their design and, if the tiles have a gloss finish, they will reflect the light, brightening the entire space.