Tiles or Marble? Which one to Choose

Tiles or Marble? Which one to Choose?

The size of the floor in front of you welcomes your forward movement as you enter any room. One of the first things that affect you when you enter a room is a floor. It’s rather simple to replace anything you don’t like about your room, including the furniture, wall colour, and décor, but this doesn’t go for the flooring. Changing your floor treatment is a difficult and time-consuming procedure, so picking your flooring requires much thought and consideration. We’re here to get you out of your quandary regarding whether to choose marble flooring or tile flooring.

Ceramic Vs Vitrified tiles: Which one to choose and why?

1. Properties

Marble and tiles have properties that are specific to each other and are very diverse in nature. Ceramic, porcelain, or clay-based tiles are manufactured by humans and have properties that make them suitable for use as flooring. Due to their lack of pores, vitrified tiles do not absorb water or other liquids. This also contributes to their stain resistance. On the other hand, marble is a natural stone that has porous qualities, making it susceptible to absorbing water or other things that could cause stains. Acids and alkalis also harm marbles, whereas tiles are unaffected by them. But if properly cared for and constantly polished, marble may give your rooms an opulent appearance. Your floors can look wonderful forever with marbles.

2. Durability

The durability of marbles is renowned. Therefore, if you want flooring with a long lifespan, this is an excellent option. Marbles can last a very long time if they are constantly cleaned and polished, even though they may eventually turn yellow. The intense vitrification process that tiles go through during manufacture gives them the durability to last for a very long time.

However, to prevent breakage, vitrified tiles must be handled cautiously. Although tiles have a short lifespan and may be durable, once they are cracked or damaged, they must be entirely replaced. Marble is a far more resilient material and, if properly polished on a regular basis, can serve as your flooring forever. Don’t trust us? Visit the Taj Mahal today.

3. If Looks Could Kill

Whether it’s the décor, the wall, or the floor, aesthetics are everything in today’s trendy world. What impression your flooring makes on your visitors depends on how they look. Therefore, it’s important to choose your flooring’s style and design carefully to match the other elements of your décor and the spaces they’re in.

The aristocracy has traditionally preferred marble because of its regal appearance and luxurious feel. The natural appearance of the stone’s grain patterns and the brilliance of well-polished marble flooring are unparalleled symbols of luxury. Modern tiles include exceptional glossy and matte surfaces as well as elegant designs that have an artistic impact. However, improperly installed grouting lines when laying tiles can detract from the high-quality appearance. Marble flooring is the best option if you want to give your home a majestic appearance.

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4. Cost

Vitrified tiles are created by humans and can be purchased at various price points. This type of flooring can be installed at a reasonable cost and comes in a variety of tile styles and pricing points. Tiles are inexpensive and quick to install because they can be purchased already built. Because marbles are naturally occurring stones and occasionally imported from different nations, they are more expensive than tiles. Before installation, marbles must be ground and cut to precise sizes. Marble slab installation is a time-consuming and expensive operation that requires polishing and finishing after installation..

5. Care & Maintenance


Given that floors receive a lot of damage from being walked on, run on, dumped on, pushed around by furniture, and dropped on, maintaining your flooring is essential to ensuring that it lasts for a very long time. Without routine cleaning and care, your flooring will become easily harmed. Tiles may be readily cleaned with water and a soft cloth because they are water and abrasion-resistant. If they are swept frequently, tiles don’t require much consideration because they don’t stain quickly. Marble needs to be kept with the utmost care because it is a porous stone that is prone to absorbing water or abrasion by acids or alkalis. If there are any stains on your marble flooring, routinely clean it with warm water and mild detergent. To keep its lustre and brightness, marble also requires periodic polishing. It can be polished by you or by hiring qualified professionals.

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Marble Vs Vitrified Tiles

Let’s compare marble and vitrified tiles in a brief comparison.

Point of DifferenceTileMarble
PropertiesMan-made non-porous,non-absorbent to any liquids. Stain-resistant. Not affected by acids or alkalis.It is a natural stone, porous in nature. Prone to absorption of liquid. It is affected by acids or alkali.
DurabilityTo be handled with care to avoid breakage. Lasts long unless damaged or brokenTolerant substance if polished well at regular intervals.
Style & LooksMade with superior finishes – both glossy and matt, eye-catching colours – and exquisite designs that make an arty impactOpulent look & royal feel
CostAvailable in all price ranges to suit every budget. Cost-effective.Marbles are to be cut, grinded, and polished as per the sizes required. Costly affair.
InstallationCan be bought ready-made and installed instantly, thus being low on both cost and installation time.The laying of marble slabs are time-consuming and a costly process
Care & MaintenanceTiles are resistant to any liquid & abrasive substances, can be wiped off easily.Clean your marble flooring regularly with lukewarm water and a mild detergent to remove stains, which needs polishing from time to time.

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Treat your floors in a way that harmonises with the rest of your home. You can create amazing flooring using both marble and tiles; you just need to make a sensible choice and take good care of them so that your visitors are astounded when they enter your rooms.

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