Are you confused because you don’t know which tile to pick for your home?  Are you relying too much on relatives and other sources to select the right kind of tile for you? Let’s cut all the confusion and help you choose the right kind of tile with the tile buying guide according to your space, style and requirements.

Everything You Need to Know about Vitrified Tiles

At first, why tiles?

The first consideration for any big purchase is typically cost: You want to stay within your budget while also getting a good value for your investment. Luckily, ceramic tile isn’t just gorgeous — it also provides the lowest lifecycle cost of any flooring choice. life cycle costs as the sum of the initial costs, maintenance costs, and removal costs are very less. It is also Easy to maintain, and scratch- and stain-resistant, and ceramic tile is a flooring option for any room. Water, slip, and bacteria resistance as well as easy cleaning make ceramic tile an ideal choice for bathrooms. Ceramic tile can go anywhere inside and outside of your home.

Here is a tile buying guide that lets you choose tiles just as per your needs.

Ceramic Vs Vitrified tiles: Which one to choose and why?

Living room tiles

You spend a lot of time in your living room, it also is the first space that your guests see when they visit you. And if you are looking to bring forward your A-game, then tiles could be the long-lasting and durable option that you should opt for. Both ceramic and vitrified tiles are the most popular flooring choice for living rooms. Living room floor tiles are available in an array of designs and patterns at Ceramax.

Marble and wooden tiles remain favourite choices for the living room; they look elegant, are easy to clean, and can be mopped. Clad living room walls with tiles to create accent walls- can use neutral tiles on all walls to give a glamorous look. Tiles give a very hotel-like look to your living rooms leaving a lasting impression on your guests. To give a premium and sophisticated look to your living room, you can opt for vitrified tiles in a bigger size.

Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the heart of a home where stories are woven with flavours and aromas. But it is these flavours and aromas that stick to the walls or may stain the kitchen permanently. A normally painted wall, thus, is not enough. You need something durable yet stylish- something that defines who you are.

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for kitchen areas as they are easy to clean and maintain. You can either use single-colored tiles all over the kitchen or choose to create a wall concept with different tiles. Wall concepts that have highlighter along with dark and light shades continue to be a hit. Kitchen floors can be matt finish in any popular size. Popular wall concepts include the ones with kitchen utensils and cutleries, these are called Highlighter tiles.

Highlighter tiles have a glossy finish and are extremely easy to clean. They are popularly clubbed with light and dark tiles to compliment the highlighter and that is how a wall concept is created.

Bathroom tiles

A bathroom is a place where one seeks peace. Yet, it often remains the most ignored space when the entire house is being constructed, designed, or renovated. Bathrooms tend to be missed because either they are too small to do anything with or we think they are not as visible as other spaces. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain with lower water absorption. They can also be added to the wall easily.

Wall concepts are created with highlighter tiles clubbed with dark and light tiles. Can make a statement or accent walls with highlighter tiles. Ceramic floor tiles in matt finish are anti-skid and hence ideal for bathroom floors. These are available in an array of shades and sizes.

Bedroom tiles

The bedroom is a personal space and should immediately help you relax. The cosy bedroom space should be carefully designed keeping your personal style, routine, and maintenance in mind.

Opt for vitrified and ceramic tiles in a glossy finish and bigger sizes if you want to make your room look brighter and bigger. Wooden planks along with other tiles are another favourite that can be laid in various patterns. For bedroom walls, give tiles a chance and create stylish accent patterns using neutral shade tiles to enhance the overall look of the bedroom. Marble tiles in various colours like beige, brown, and white look amazing on the floor. You should also not hesitate to go for the ever-so-classic wooden tiles.

Outdoor tiles

Be it garden walkways or outdoor areas, you must look for flooring options that are weather-resistant as well as durable and yet don’t compromise on style and aesthetics. These tiles are manufactured especially for outdoor purposes and are weather-resistant. They are available in various shades and sizes as per your requirements.

Look for flooring options that are weather resistant and durable without compromising on style and aesthetics for gardens, walkways, etc. Outdoor tiles or pavers come in 3 variants – brick, concrete, and natural stone.

These tiles can be used in garden walkways, terraces, and balconies, among other outdoor spaces. You can also check a range of paver tiles here.

Elevation tiles

Available for exterior and interior usage, elevation tiles are a way to accentuate the look of your walls. Unlike paint, they are more durable and protect walls from fungus and other bacteria risks. Cover your walls beautifully with Elevation tiles.

Available for exterior and interior usage, elevation tiles are a way to accentuate the look of your walls. They are durable and protect walls from fungus and other bacteria risks. Some of the popular ones are terracotta, brick, stone, other natural-looking rustic patterns, and sleek-looking marble tiles in different shades and sizes.

Why prefer a GVT tile?

What’s your choice then?

You should be quite certain about buying tile over anything because it’s affordable, easy to maintain and very versatile. The right choice of tile is as crucial as choosing a career. We think this tile buying guide will help you to choose the right kind of tiles for your requirements. Certainly, helping out to make your home more beautiful than ever. Hence, explore the versatility of Tiles at Ceramax and make your beautiful home a style statement.

This was all we had in the tile-buying guide for you. Do you have any other suggestions? We would love to add some to the next tile-buying guide.